What you need to know about essential oils

The most obvious thing about essential oils is that they smell incredible. Some may think that they’re just perfume - sweet-smelling substances that make our lives more enjoyable. This is true, but it is only the beginning…

Essential Oils are extremely complicated and rich in energy. They originate from the deepest roots and the tiniest flowers, and are so complex, even scientists can’t quite understand them! However, I have put together a few things that I think are key to know about essential oils.

  1. Essential oils have been around for a very long time.

Ancient Egyptians used them and many of the essential oils they used came from China and India, where there is evidence to suggest that they were already in use for thousands of years before the Egyptians. So, that’s over 5000 years ago...

  1. The way in which we intake essential oils is quite complex.

Fundamentally, we take in essential oils through absorption or inhalation. You can read all about this process in our Hold on... how do essential oils actually work?” article.

  1. Essential oils are extremely complicated and rich in energy. 

So much so, that if the essential oils are blended and their emotional benefits don’t mix then this can cause potentially negative results. For example, a refreshing, energising essential oil mixed with a relaxed, sleep-provoking essential oil, will not work in balance. That is why our AromaWorks products are carefully harmonised to help you achieve the maximum effects, all whilst promoting the wellness within you.


  1. Essential oils are don’t harm the environment since they are our environment.

Common household medicine and goods are mostly synthetic chemical-based, even the food we eat and the air we breathe contains more synthetic chemicals than we should naturally have. These chemicals then add up in our systems and over time cannot be beneficial to us. So, sooner or later we are going to need to switch to an alternate source for these issues and the answer is right under our noses: natural essential oils. They don’t harm us, since they are natural, they don’t harm the environment either (since that is where they come from) and they benefit us in many, many ways!

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