Fall In Love With Lemongrass

I fell in love with lemongrass, about 20 years ago, when I went to Thailand with my family. The hotel we stayed at burnt lemongrass everywhere, the lobby, restaurants and even by the pool! The citrus aroma, that the essential oil emits, provides a warm feeling of comfort, whilst uplifting your mood and re-energising you. 

So, when I started AromaWorks, I just had to use Lemongrass in the products and to my surprise (although not really a surprise!) our bestselling blend, Serenity, contains Lemongrass as the main ingredient.

Lemongrass is extracted by steam distillation from either the fresh, or partly dried leaves and is also a common ingredient in Asian and Indian cuisine.

Whilst in Thailand I noticed that my family and I were not getting bitten as often as we usually do when going abroad, which confused me as Thailand is known for its humid climate - which mosquitos love (unfortunately!). That is when I discovered one of Lemongrasses main benefits: insect repellant! 

So, if you have a holiday booked or coming up soon then I cannot stress this enough; a mosquito bite is the worst… they can be incredibly itchy and look prominent on the skin. To avoid this I personally take our Serenity Wellbeing Trio as an essential on holiday. As I said before, the main ingredient is Lemongrass, so if you add the blend onto your skin using the Rollerball, then you will be looking at a possibly itch-free holiday! 

Lemongrass not only is an insect repellant but if you did get bitten then it also helps to soothe the irritation the bite causes, so it really is a must to take on holiday! However, if you suffer badly from insect bites and find they come up the size of 2 pence pieces then my top tip is to take over-the-counter antihistamines 3-5 days before your holiday so your body is prepared for any intrusions, like an insect bite.

Lemongrass also aids in reducing physical and mental exhaustion, helping to revive and uplift your mood from any strains and stresses. Simply add 2-3 sprits of our Serenity Room & Linen Mist either on your pillow at night to help calm the mind or to your workspace where it will improve your focus and uplift your mood. 

Lemongrass really is an incredible essential oil and one of the favourites in the essential oil industry for its unique citrus aroma and amazing benefits.


Jane x

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