Bring the outside in: Car Edition

It’s officially Summer, and there’s nothing like the sun shining, blue skies and the smell of fresh flowers! So why not bring the lovely scents of summer inside your car for an essence of wellbeing, all whilst on the go! 

AromaWorks Clip-on Car Diffuser

Our high quality AromaWorks clip-on diffuser ensures that you can transport your favourite essential oil fragrances with you wherever you go. The compact design makes it ideal for use in smaller spaces such as cars, desk areas and just about anywhere, as no power source is required!

Combining the clip-on diffuser with a ventilation system such as an air-conditioning vent in your car or a desk fan will help the oil to disperse through the air much quicker, delivering a pure aroma.

But wait… which scents should I use?!

To help you choose a blend with the right scent profile you like and that will help to create your desired emotion, we have listed our top summer blends to give you the perfect well-being boost!

Atmosphere: Fresh and Citrus

Benefit: De-stress and Relax

Choose: Light Range Basil & Lime

Create a sense of tranquillity and leave your busy day behind with our Basil & Lime blend. The citrus top notes of West Indian Lime, Orange and Petitgrain combine with herbal French Lavender and sweet peppery Egyptian Basil to bring you a tonic to de-stress and relax. Proven benefits for the mind, body and soul from the oils in this exquisite fragrance include calming the mind, easing anxieties and boosting feelings of contentment.

Atmosphere: Fruity and Sweet

Benefit: Balance and Uplift

Choose: Signature Range Harmony

Harmony’s blend of essential oils combine creating a calming, mood enhancing atmosphere to provide a sense of wellbeing and happiness. This rich, floral aroma pairs the soothing, calming Natural Rose with the balancing sweet Rose Geranium, the refreshing fruit-sweet notes of Bergamot and the uplifting fruity notes of Mandarin, bringing you a beautifully balanced blend of essential oils guaranteed to balance and emotionally uplift.

Atmosphere: Sweet and Zingy

Benefit: Relax and De-stress

Choose: Light Range Spearmint & Lime

Enjoy some rest and relaxation with our Spearmint & Lime blend. Top notes of sweet Chinese Spearmint and zingy West Indian Lime are balanced with a warming touch of French Lavender and Italian Bergamot, guaranteed to relax and de-stress you after a long day. Proven benefits for the mind, body and soul from the oils in this exquisite fragrance include uplifting and balancing emotions, easing anxiety and stress, and easing tensions whilst improving alertness.

Atmosphere: Fruity and Rich

Benefit: Calm and De-stress

Choose: Signature Range Nurture

Nurture’s blend of essential oils works in perfect harmony to promote physical relaxation and mental calm. This rich and fruity aroma brings together the fresh top note of calming May Chang and the sweet, fresh scent of harmonising Roman Chamomile with the aromatic delicately woody base note of soothing Sandalwood, helping to release you from the stresses of the day and encouraging you to discover your inner calm.


Jane x


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