How can essential oils benefit you?

Essential oils are extremely complicated and rich in energy. They originate from the deepest roots and the tiniest flowers and everyone(including us!) raves about how much they can benefit you in various ways… but what exactly are those ways?

Well, I have put together some of our most used essential oils that are in the majority of our products. I have listed their benefits and some interesting facts about them you probably have never heard of before!

Roman Chamomile

Harmonising, peaceful & promotes sleep

Did you know that Chamomile has been used for over 2,000 years in medicine. Chamomile was found to be present in Ancient Egyptian sites dating back to the predynastic period!

You can find Roman Chamomile in our Nourish skincare and Nurture products


Uplifts, de-stresses & boosts happiness.

Did you know that the name Mandarin comes from the colour of the clothing worn by the old Chinese Empire’s officials, the mandarins!

You can find Mandarin in our Mandarin & Vetivert blend


De-stresses, helps mental fatigue & promotes a feeling of peace and inner calm

Did you know that Patchouli leaves used to be inserted between the pashmina scarves that the british would bring back from India in the 19th century. Although a lot of people were caught out when wearing inauthentic versions (fakes!) as they didn’t have the distinct aroma of Patchouli on them!

You can find Patchouli in our Balance Face Wash

Juniper Berry

Aids concentration & soothes nerves.

Did you know that Juniper Berry was burned in Europe during the Paleolithic times, and historically it was used to ward off diseases!

You can find Juniper Berry in our Soulful blend

These are just a tiny percent of the incredible, 100% pure essential oils that we use in our products. Shop all of our amazing 100% natural products and experience the benefits of pure essential oils yourself.


Jane x

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