This reality that you live within, is a manifestation of your own doing and it is easier than you may think to manifest what you want in life! Put very simply – it’s about getting what you want, and that if you truly believe it can happen, by harnessing positive universal energy, you can make it happen and manifest whatever it is that you want to achieve.

Essentially, Manifestation works on the principle that our thoughts dictate our energy, our energy manifests our actions, and our actions create the reality. In other words, similar to the philosophy of the Law of Attraction, positive thoughts create positive results, negative thoughts create negative results. The technique of Manifestation goes further and lies in recognising what we want and who we want to be, removing negative thought and doubt by believing that this is possible and, in doing so, creating an energy in unison with universal energy to bring about positive change in our lives.

The pure techniques of Manifestation are in depth and explore the profound spiritual potential of the mind and soul, but if we look at it here simply as a basic guideline to accomplish our goals, it seems that there are three main principles – Intention, Energy and Action – and to me this is the perfect starting point to positive thinking and change.


Your intention is what you want to create as your reality, so you need to ascertain the objective you want to manifest and truly believe that this is possible. It can be anything – small or broad – but with the focus on how you can feel better and not solely on what you can get to feel better.


Believe that your intention is possible. Identifying doubt and working to dispel the disbelief that limits your trust in achieving these goals is important because this only creates negative energy. Positive thoughts inform our energy, so channel this into truly visualising exactly what it is you want to achieve, how this would make you feel and what you need to do to make these changes.


In the clear space of positive energy you have tapped into, maintaining your faith and actively committing your attention to what it is that you want to achieve, what needs to shift and the steps you need to take to get there, will pave the way for recognising the actions you need to take and keep you focused to make those changes.

This is a very simplistic overview of what this emerging technique of wellbeing and mindfulness means. The world of achievement seems to be so much more competitive now so it’s small wonder that self-doubt starts to creep in! Anything that can take positive thinking to a higher level and expand our ability to accomplish has to be worth exploring!