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AromaWorks provide a stunning range of natural bath and body products, including our popular bath oils and body oils.

We believe in maintaining the circle of wellbeing and so you can trust that all our products will always live up to our high standards of sustainability, whilst being effective, safe to use and 100% natural.

This means that our bath and body products are chemical free, vegan friendly and animal cruelty free.

Please browse through our fantastic range of natural bath and body products below.

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  1. Bath & Body

    AromaBomb Quad Box

  2. Bath & Body

    Serenity Body Oil

  3. Bath & Body

    Serenity Bath Oil

  4. Bath & Body

    Serenity AromaBomb Duo

  5. Bath & Body

    Purify Body Oil

  6. Bath & Body

    Nurture Body Oil

  7. Bath & Body

    Nurture Bath Oil

  8. Bath & Body

    Nurture AromaBomb Single

  9. Bath & Body

    Nurture AromaBomb Duo

  10. Bath & Body

    Soulful AromaBomb Single

  11. Bath & Body

    Inspire AromaBomb Duo

  12. Bath & Body

    Soulful AromaBomb Duo

  13. Bath & Body

    Inspire AromaBomb Single

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