Light Range - Spearmint & Lime Reed Diffuser 200ml
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Light Range - Spearmint & Lime Reed Diffuser 200ml

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Key Ingredients:


Spearmint - De-stresses

Lime - Eases anxiety, improves alertness

Rose Geranium - Eases tension, uplifting, balancing


Sweet Minty Citrus with Herby Undertones

Enjoy some rest and relaxation with our Spearmint & Lime blend. Top notes of sweet Chinese Spearmint and zingy West Indian Lime are balanced with a warming touch of French Lavender and Italian Bergamot, guaranteed to relax and de-stress you after a long day. Proven benefits for the mind, body and soul from the oils in this exquisite fragrance include uplifting and balancing emotions, easing anxiety and stress, and easing tensions whilst improving alertness.


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