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AromaWorks manufacturers a fantastic range of stunning soy wax candles, which are chemical free and vegan friendly, whilst containing a visually pleasing appearance and warm, up-lifting scent.

Our medium sized soy wax candles include the popular Inspire Candle 30cl and the Serenity Candles 30cl, which provide a warming fragrance that has been delivered thanks to our 100% pure essential oils.

Soy wax candles provide cleaner burning. This means that no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants, whilst the candles also last longer than beeswax candles. In addition, due to the wax burning at a cooler temperature, you can expect to enjoy your soy wax candles for 30-50% longer.

Please browse our medium sized candles below.

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  1. Candles Medium 30cl

    Inspire Candle 30cl Medium

  2. Candles Medium 30cl

    Nurture Candle 30cl Medium

  3. Candles Medium 30cl

    Serenity Candle 30cl Medium

  4. Candles Medium 30cl

    Soulful Candle 30cl Medium

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