Wellbeing and beauty without compromise

Our founder, Jane Hibbert’s love affair with essential oils began in her teenage years; spending countless hours crafting bespoke scents. This passion led to formal studies in aromatherapy and psychometric profiling, as well as a post-graduate in Perfumery undertaken in ‘the world’s perfume capital’, Grasse, France.

Fast forward a few years and Jane’s realisation that conventional home fragrance and skincare products were far from the pure, natural and high-quality formulas she hoped for.

And so Jane’s quest began… for herself and for countless other conscientious consumers unwilling to compromise on caring for their skin and wider wellbeing.

“My vision was to create beauty, bath, body and home products that are a pure pleasure to use, harnessing nature’s finest extracts and essential oils to instil pure wellbeing into every day.”


Instilling pure wellbeing into every day

We proudly launched AromaWorks in 2009, unveiling our signature range of luxury aromatherapy candles. Intricate, hand-crafted compositions of soy wax and 100% natural essential oils, these therapeutic blends offer true mind and body wellbeing benefits: relaxing, recharging, uplifting, helping you find focus, find sleep and reclaim inner calm.

We didn’t stop there.

Our highly anticipated skincare collection followed in 2014. Designed to make a remarkable difference to how skin looks and feels, our clinically proven formulas unite years of scientific skincare research with the very best, responsibly sourced botanical extracts and oils. Gentle yet powerful, they soothe delicate or sensitised skin, smooth and rejuvenate mature skin, and restore a radiant, re-energised complexion.


Our purity promise 

From day one, purity has underpinned all we do. Our formulas are all 100% natural, proudly cruelty-free and vegan friendly, plus free from parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, mineral oils, pesticides, nuts and gluten.

What’s more, we personally source every ingredient, choosing organic wherever possible and partnering with suppliers who share our own sustainable, responsible and ethical standards.

We include our 100% natural essential oil blends at an effective yet safe concentration, ensuring everyone can enjoy them, including during pregnancy.

With the exception of these proprietary essential oil blends, every AromaWorks product is designed and formulated by us in our UK factory. This way, we ensure product quality, performance, ethical standards and practices are nothing less than exceptional, from field to bottle.

We hope you agree the results of our efforts speak for themselves. Get ready to experience the scents of purity...