Kerry Johnson

For most of us, it’s probably a bit of both!  We all lead busy lives and often find ourselves having to perform a juggling act to fit everything in.  If we can find ways to save time on our everyday tasks, we’ll have more time free to do the things we enjoy!  The members of our AromaWorks team all have their own little timesaving tips, and they’ll be very happy to share them with you via our Timesavers page.  We’ll be adding new tips regularly, so pop back and see us soon.  Just a few minutes spent checking out our Timesavers could save you a whole bunch of time!

Have a productive, stress-free day!

P.S.  If you have any great timesaving tips you’d like to pass on, we’d love to hear from you.  Please email them to: enquiries@aroma-works.com.  The sender of our ‘Tip of the Month’ will receive a lovely AromaWorks treat as a thank you.

TIP 1  

How many times have you found yourself dashing around the house looking for your keys or wallet when you’re trying to get out of the door in a hurry?!  Well, here’s a simple, but very effective solution.  Allocating specific safe places for things such as your wallet/purse, keys, mobile phone and spectacles each time you come into the house, means that you won’t have to waste time searching for things next time you’re going out!

TIP 2  

Have a ‘gift drawer’ stocked with a few small items and selection of general cards (plus some folded sheets of wrapping paper) for when you unexpectedly have to come up with a present for someone at a moment’s notice and don’t fancy a trip to the shops!  A couple of gift vouchers from different shops will cover kids’ presents and a photo frame or lovely scented candle would be great for an adult. Why not keep a couple of AromaWorks candles handy to use as a ‘thank you’ when you go to dinner at a friend’s?  They come in a lovely box (nice and easy to wrap!) and make beautiful gifts which always go down well – our friends love them!

TIP 3  

How many times have you arrived at the shopping centre and realised you’ve forgotten to bring back something that needed returning (AGAIN!!)?  Before you know it, the latest date allowed for refunds is fast approaching and you’ll find yourself stuck with the item if you don’t make a special trip to return it!  Solution - as soon as you realise an item is unsuitable, pop it back in the bag along with the receipt and keep it in your car.  That way, every time you go to the shops, you won’t have to think about that unwanted top/pair of shoes/skirt sitting in that carrier bag indoors which you’ve forgotten to bring with you - yet again!!

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