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For release, for relaxation, for reclaiming your inner calm

Escape times of tension, switch off racing thoughts and reclaim inner peace.

Soulful Fragrance

When a demanding day leaves you unable to unwind and enjoy the evening, find rest, repose and release from jangled nerves with our tranquil, tension-busting aroma. Supremely supporting at any time of need, it expertly blends comforting Frankincense, soothing Juniper Berry, confidence boosting Bay and de-stressing Patchouli.

Soulful Candle

Complex and exotic, our Soulful blend brings together seven incredible essential oils. Top notes of spicy Frankincense and fruity Juniper Berry provide a deeply calming sensation to soothe jangled nerves, whilst the fragrant base notes of Patchouli help to ease away fatigue, providing a truly warming and relaxing experience.

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Our Aroma Ritual

Layering aroma for optimal effect

Optimise the therapeutic effects of our Soulful Signature Blend with this relaxing evening ritual: Position your Soulful Reed Diffuser in your hallway, enveloping you in its instantly relaxing aroma the moment you walk through the door. Bring your AromaWorks USB diffuser and Soulful Essential Oil into the bathroom and run a warm bath while the space fills with this de-stressing aroma. Once your bath is drawn, add your Soulful AromaBomb, watching it dissolve in the water while releasing its therapeutic aroma into the air. Lie back in your bath for at least 20 minutes to take full benefit. Following your bath, change into loungewear or PJs and retreat to the lounge. Dim the lights, light a Soulful Candle or spritz the space with Soulful Room Mist and feel mind and body unwind, leaving you to enjoy a most restful evening.