AromaWorks are pleased to offer a great range of natural body care products, which are all suitable for Vegans, as they are dairy free, whilst also being chemical free, nut free, gluten free, animal cruelty free and safe to use during pregancy.

Our Body Brilliance Cream, which is extremely popular with customers, contains 84 trace minerals to help detoxify the body, whilst our Purify Body Oil soothes aching muscles and boosts circulation.

Please view our full range of natural body care products below, which are all chemical free and hand made within the UK:

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  1. Body Care

    Serenity Body Oil

  2. Body Care

    Nurture Body Oil

  3. Body Care

    Inspire Body Wash

  4. Body Care

    Purify Body Oil

  5. Body Care

    Body Finish Cream

  6. Body Care

    Body Brilliance Exfoliate

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