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For clarity, for concentration, for uplifting every day

Free your mind from daily stresses, restore clarity of thought and rediscover natural vigour.

Serenity Fragrance

Refreshing and light with a sweet floral-citrus aroma, reach for this revitalising blend whenever mind or body need a little lift. An intricate union of reviving Lemongrass and de-stressing Geranium with clarifying Neroli and soothing Lavender, it’s just the tonic on demanding days.

Serenity Body Oil

Experience our Serenity blend of Lemongrass, Neroli & Geranium wrapped in organic coconut oil to restore your emotions, with a splash of sumptuous organic evening primrose to leave your skin nourished and silky smooth.

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Our Aroma Ritual

Layering aroma for optimal effect

Throughout the day whenever mind and body need de-stressing and uplifting, layer our Serenity Signature Blend in this profoundly revitalising ritual: Keep your Serenity Room Mist in your bag or desk drawer for an instant and lasting hit of its re-balancing and re-focusing aroma whenever you feel the need. Position your Serenity Reed Diffuser in your hallway, enveloping you in its instantly uplifting aroma the moment you walk through the door. Take an early evening bath to free the mind from daily stress. While it’s running, light your Serenity Candle or bring your AromaWorks USB diffuser and Serenity Essential Oil into the bathroom and fill the space with its reviving aroma. Once your bath is drawn, add your Serenity AromaBomb, watching it dissolve in the water while releasing its therapeutic aroma into the air. Lie back in your bath for at least 20 minutes to take full benefit. Extinguish your candle before leaving the bathroom.