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Essential Oils - All Natural

Essential oils are extracted from natural botanical sources such as flowers, trees, shrubs, herbs and grasses.  Mandarin, lemon and lime essential oils are obtained the peel of the fruits, whilst tonka bean essential oil is extracted from the tonka bean itself.

What is the difference between ‘fragrance oils’ and essential oils? (synthetic vs. natural)

Commercial fragrance oils are manufactured using chemicals which are designed to replicate natural aromas.  They are created to emulate a certain smell (such as lavender) or evoke a mood (Christmas Cheer) and they can often be easily spotted on an ingredients list as ‘fragrance’.  Because these fragrance oils are artificially produced, they can be made very cheaply and can be efficient in providing manufacturers with a uniform smell every time; however, they will not provide you with the therapeutic benefits of an essential oil.

A lavender fragrance oil may smell like lavender, but unlike Lavender Essential Oil, it cannot help with complaints such as insomnia, muscle aches, skin complaints or insect bites! So, although fragrance oils can smell pleasant, these synthetic products are usually manufactured using a vast number of chemicals (some can contain up to 600!).  They are unable to offer any of the therapeutic or mood enhancing aromatherapy properties of natural essential oils.  In fact, some of the chemical ingredients used in synthetic fragrance oils can actually cause unpleasant side effects such as headaches or lethargy.  So burning an artificially fragranced candle to help relax you or lift your mood, could actually make you feel worse!  And you’d be surprised at just how many very ‘natural’ looking, expensive products on the market use these artificial fragrance oils (as well as petro-chemicals rather than natural ingredients such as soy or bees wax). So check before you buy!

Did you know?

  • There are around 300 essential oils available on the market today;  many of these are the active ingredients in drugs prescribed in orthodox medicine, or are the inspiration for chemical replicas.
  • Aside from the amazing, natural fragrances they provide and the many therapeutic properties of essential oils for healing on the body and mind, they also leave no toxins behind. In a healthy body they are expelled within 3-6 hours.
  • Each essential oil has on average over 100 components and whilst scientists have identified and replicated some of them, the majority are yet to be identified.
  • 60,000 rose blossoms are required to produce one ounce of rose essential oil.
  • Herbs and oils were used in ancient Egypt and many of these originated in India and China, where they were used for over 1000 years before the Pharaohs came to appreciate their properties.
  • Hippocrates, the father of medicine as we know it, said ‘The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day’ – sounds good doesn’t it?!!

Clay tablets have been found in Babylonia dating to 1800 BC.   Some of these tablets contained cedarwood, myrrh and cypress; all of which are ingredients still used as essential oils today.


Now that you have uncovered the truth about essential oils and discovered some hard facts about these ancient therapeutic wonders, why don't you give them a try and see for yourself how much of difference they can make in your life? Here at AromaWorks, we pride ourselves in the standard of quality that our special blends have. Take a look at our wide collection now and pick out a blend that stands out to you!