Whether you seek morning refreshment, mid-afternoon clarity, a relaxing evening or deeply restorative sleep, enjoy an instant burst of pure wellbeing with our Signature Range Room & Linen Mists. 100% natural, they harness the therapeutic power of essential oils, included at a safe, effective and long-lasting 7% concentration. Free

from synthetic scents and chemicals, spritz liberally into the air, on bed linen or other fabrics as often as you desire.

Available across our five Signature Range blends.

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  1. Home Fragrance

    Harmony Room Mist

  2. Home Fragrance

    Soulful Room Mist

  3. Home Fragrance

    Serenity Room Mist

  4. Home Fragrance

    Nurture Room Mist

  5. Home Fragrance

    Inspire Room Mist

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