AromaWorks are pleased to offer a great selection of natural room mists, which are all hand made in the UK, chemical free, cruelty free, safe to use during pregnancy and vegan friendly.

To ensure that our products are the highest quality, we source nature’s finest ingredients to produce our room mists, while the aroma delivered by our 100% pure essential oils will envelop you in the scents of purity.

Please browse our collection of natural room mists below. Free delivery on all orders over £50.00.

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  1. Room Mists

    Soulful Room Mist

  2. Room Mists

    Serenity Room Mist

  3. Room Mists

    Nurture Room Mist

  4. Room Mists

    Inspire Room Mist

  5. Room Mists

    Basil & Lime Room Mist

  6. Room Mists

    Amyris & Orange Room Mist

  7. Room Mists

    Lemongrass & Bergamot Room Mist

  8. Room Mists

    Mandarin & Vetivert Room Mist

  9. Room Mists

    Petitgrain & Lavender Room Mist

  10. Room Mists

    Spearmint & Lime Room Mist

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