Our award winning Lip Balm and your choice of Body Oil is waiting for you...

Spend over £150 and receive our award winning Lip Balm and choose from our Nuture or Serenity Body Oil


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  1. AromaBombs

    AromaBomb Quad Box

  2. AromaBombs

    Nurture AromaBomb Duo

  3. AromaBombs

    Nurture AromaBomb Single

  4. AromaBombs

    Serenity AromaBomb Duo

  5. AromaBombs

    Soulful AromaBomb Single

  6. AromaBombs

    Inspire AromaBomb Duo

  7. AromaBombs

    Soulful AromaBomb Duo

  8. AromaBombs

    Inspire AromaBomb Single

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