Favourite Spa Retreats


In no particular order when we feel the need for a Spa day or special overnight retreat the UK has some of the best in the world, these are amongst our favourites. It goes without saying this is the opinion of our office only and does not in anyway represent a scientific evaluation whatsoever, though we like to think our choice would stand up to most opinions, If you disagree or have an opinion why not let us know via our blog.


Cliveden House

So good we are members! & Just because this is our local spa and our own local! Actually it’s much more than that, yes of course all the criteria for a wonderful Spa day are her in abundance. However this is a real British institution wrapped up in mystery and history.  Cliveden installed the outdoor swimming pool in 1961 where Christine Keeler and John Profumo met thus igniting the biggest political scandal in British political history.


Chewton Glen

We love this place! If ever you listed all the elements that make a great Spa Chewton Glen in the beautiful Hampshire countryside would tick all the Box’s from superb facilities to Knowledgeable dedicated staff.



One of our biggest customers began her Career as a manager at Champneys some years ago and met her future husband here so we love the personal link !  However many spa watchers would claim with a great degree of accuracy that Champneys sets the standards others must emulate to reach the top ten!


Espa Spa

Set in an 850 acre resort of beautiful countryside in the heart of Scotland, The Gleneagles Hotel is the perfect setting for one of the most luxurious spa destination in the world. Need we add more!


Chaun Spa

How do you separate the best Spas in London? Well you don’t as you could easily list the top 5 in the country located in the capital! This is one of our favourites, combining sheer luxury and decadence on a scale that is hard to match on a worldwide basis...