The Fragrant Pharmacy Valerie Ann Worwood

This is an amazing book for beginners and experienced aromatherapists as it not only explains the uses and benefits of essential oils but offers suggestions for multiple uses for essential oils around the home. A great reference book!

also by Valerie Worwood:


Aromatherapy for the Healthy Child Valerie Ann Worwood

More than 300 natural, non toxic and fragrant essential oil blends for children. Treat minor ailments in children using safe and natural aromatherapy at home.


The Essence of Perfume Roja Dove

This beautiful book about perfume will lead you on a fascinating journey through the world of scent from Ancient Egypt to the present day including information about rivalries within the perfume industry and how these have inspired some of the most iconic scents.


Essence & Alchemy (A History of Natural Perfume)Mandy Aftel

A very comprehensive book about natural perfume ingredients 'A compulsively readable compendium of perfume legend, lore and instruction' San Francisco Chronicle