Summer Fragrance for Your Home

What are the best scents to introduce into your home this summer?

Light, airy, floral and citrus notes are ones that encapsulate the summer months. With lighter and longer days you want to bring the outdoors into your home. Create a carefree, relaxing summer mood by bringing these beautiful scents inside.

Coordinating the effects of candles and reed diffusers by adding room and linen sprays is an easy way to uplift your room and instantly freshen cushions and throws. It can really transform the space.

A nice tip for when entertaining outside is to sprinkle a few drops of essential oil under your garden furniture, finishing off with a linen mist over cushions. Your guests will have the scent of these beautiful fragrances in the air that will last all evening.

Why not try our essential oil blends, made with the finest natural ingredients. The Lemongrass and Bergamot from our Light Range paired with its room and linen spray complement outdoor living with the warm lemongrass and fresh citrus notes, instantly boosting your mood and making you feel energised.

Living Room

To create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in your living room the mix of Mandarin and Vetivert from our Light Range is the perfect scent. This exquisite blend of fresh citrus and warm undertones promotes relaxation, de-stressing and encourages you to unwind. Proven benefits for the mind, body and soul from the oils in this fragrance include tranquillity, easing tension and uplifting your emotions.


The kitchen is a place already filled with an assortment of smells, so you might want to try using fresh aromas to help eliminate some of the harsh cooking scents. For here, I recommend Spearmint and Lime from our Light Range, which also promotes relaxation while you’re cooking and entertaining. The oils of sweet and minty citrus in this exquisite fragrance uplift and balance emotions, ease anxiety, stress and tension, and improve alertness.


Citrus scents are ideal for the bathroom as they create a clean and crisp environment, without overpowering the smaller size of the room. Our Basil and Lime, again from our Light Range, has an aromatic blend that boosts contentment, eases anxiety and improves mental clarity. Create a sense of tranquillity and leave a busy day behind with proven benefits for the mind, body and soul from the oils in this beautiful fragrance.


The bedroom is a haven where we relax and unwind. To create a serene and calm environment for relaxation why not use a product from our Petitgrain and Lavender range before bed and let the stress and strains of your day drift away. Petitgrain and Lavender is a beautiful aromatic blend to de-stress and ease tension, promoting a great night’s sleep and encouraging recovery after a busy day.

All fragrances are available in candles, reed diffusers, room sprays and essential oils. As I always say; “a day surrounded in fragrance is simply a better day.”

Love Jane  x

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