With the arrival of autumn the resistance of the body significantly decreases. This is the result of rapid changes in the weather, the temperature, but also our wrong lifestyle. Fatigue, lack of sleep, bad diet or alcohol will not help us survive in a healthy autumn season.

If we take care of our immune system we won’t be susceptible to viruses, bacteria and variable weather. Weakened immunity is among other things the effect of irregular and inadequate nutrition. If your daily diet is not rich in nutrients, it is not surprising that the body does not have the strength to fight off infection. In our autumn diet we should concentrate on the super foods, vegetables and fruit.

Consume vitamins

Your diet should be rich in vitamin C. It will give you a natural protection, seal the blood vessels and prevent viruses and bacteria to get into your body. The richest sources of vitamin C are: parsley, wild rose, pepper, currants and citrus fruits.

In addition to vitamin C, it is worth consuming foods rich in selenium and zinc. These elements are known for being natural antioxidants, fighting against invading organism harmful free radicals. An excellent source of zinc and selenium are wholesome grains and nuts.

Pills will not substitute a diet

In autumn we often reach for tablets to strengthen our immunity. However, according to experts on healthy eating, swallowing tablets, capsules or syrups are going to cut corners. Dietary supplements contain chemicals that will never replace natural vitamins and minerals found in real food.

Good physical condition goes hand in hand with a balanced diet. Keep moving, preferably in the fresh air. In this way you will increase the efficiency of the entire body, forcing all systems to work together.

Change your habits for the better :

If you start to feel fatigue , it's time to take action to increase the resilience and resistance to diseases :

- Forget about strict diets. Autumn is not the best time for drastic weight loss.

- Add large quantities of garlic and onions to your meals. They are known to be natural antibiotics.

- Be sure to consume foods rich in omega -3 , which stimulate the production of white blood cells and eliminate harmful bacteria . Sea fish like tuna and salmon are rich in unsaturated fatty acids.

- Avoid highly processed foods, limit your intake of white bread, sugar, refined oils, fatty dairy products, sweets, salty snacks, caffeine and alcohol.

- Add to your menu natural yogurts, seafood, ginger, and whole-grain products.

- Move regularly and try to avoid stress.

- Take care of the appropriate length of sleep –that’s when your body regenerates the best. Weakened immunity is often the result of overwork and insufficient daily rest.

- Drink daily at least half a litre of water - it will cleanse your body of dangerous toxins.

- Get into the sun whenever there are sunny days. The sun's rays stimulate the body to produce vitamin D and help relax us.