May Chang

A lesser known essential oil, May Chang has a spicy, lemony, citrus aroma with fruity notes. May Chang is also commonly known as the 'oil of tranquillity' or ‘Mountain Pepper’ and is recognized for its powerful promotion of physical relaxation and mental calm. It is renowned for its refreshing, stimulating and uplifting nature so it is an excellent aromatherapy oil to help to relieve symptoms of fatigue and lethargy. It has a tonic effect on the nervous system, and provides clarity of thought if you are stressed, anxious or suffering with your nerves. It is highly recommended for anyone suffering from work related stress or an inability to switch off.

May Chang is not a pepper but actually a relative of Cinnamon and other fragrant members of the Laurel family. Its scent is fresh, sweet and lemony, like Lemon Verbena. The essential oil, is distilled from the seeds (which look a little like peppercorns hence the name). The use of May Chang in aromatherapy is relatively new and previously it was used for adding fragrance to household cleaning products, soaps and cosmetics. However, aromatherapists today are appreciative of its sweet lemony fragrance, which is softer and more appealing than lemon verbena.

May Chang blends extremely well with citrus oils such as orange, and also Neroli, Frankincense, sandalwood and camomile. It is also fabulous with the more herb scented type of essential oils such as basil, bay, black pepper, cedarwood, coriander, eucalyptus and thyme.

May Chang is a useful oil that is a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. It has natural deodorising properties and is good for the digestive system. Within our blends at AromaWorks we target those who suffer with stress, anxiety and an ‘over-busyness’ of the mind by blending it with sandalwood and roman camomile in our Nurture range

This soothing blend of oils works in perfect harmony to promote physical relaxation and mental calm. Nurture will help to release you from the stresses of the day, and encourage you to discover your inner calm. If you can’t ‘switch off’ why not try our essential oils online or the luxury scented candles from our Nurture aromatherapy line, along with our luxury reed diffuser and soothing room mist.

Interesting Facts

Historically May Chang has been blended with Almond Oil and used to perfume the body prior to meditation or prayer, because it imparts a feeling of strength, calm and mental clarity.

May Chang has a gentle spiciness which can be useful if you wish to cover the scent of an oil which some clients find unappealing (perhaps tea tree or clary sage for example).

May Chang can be found growing in East Asia, and is native to China.

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